Judith Estrine

The three Fulsome sisters, from a proverbial "One Percent" family come home for the reading of their father's Will. Brenda, the "good" eldest sister who has remained home, attempts to entertain her flighty younger siblings. But how's a girl to stay in control when cocktail chatter turns to a donkey cheese empire, incursions by the Albanian mafia, jewel theft, fracking and time spent behind prison walls.

Raised by the Church
" . . . couples a moving first-person account of coping with a system that separated orphans by age and gender with a historical perspective on child care in the 19th and 20th centuries."
-Sam Roberts, New York Times
". . .A real triumph-over adversity story" -New York Post
"Raised by the Church' is a dedicated memoir about the struggles of growing up an outcast, even under the kindness of charity, much recommended." -Midwest Book Review


Midlife: A Manual
By Steven A. Estrine, Ph.D. and Judith Estrine

A guide for people born between 1946 and 1965 that helps them to identify and address the major challenges of midlife. It focuses on everything from surviving – and thriving – in the ‘empty nest’; renewing a vibrant sex life; getting and staying fit; caring for aging parents, and much more.


Full-length play
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The extraordinary experiences of one boy raised in five Catholic orphanages in postwar New York.
A practical guide for baby boomers that addresses major challenges.

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